HP Ink Tank 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer Review

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Single Function printer is one of the most affordable printers in India that also offers fast, good quality, and very inexpensive printouts. Check out the detailed HP Ink Tank 115 review here.

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank printer is a highly inexpensive option if you are looking to buy a printer for personal as well as professional use. This compact, stylish, and high-technology printer wouldn’t harm your wallet much. If you are planning to buy it, you must go through this honest review of the HP Ink Tank 115.

HP 115 Printer Review

Ink Tank printers are useful, long-lasting, and offer quality printouts without any issues. However, they often come with a higher price tag making them unavailable for many people. HP Ink Tank 115 breaks this limitation as it is an incredible single-function printer under 10K INR (costs only INR 8,999).

This trustworthy color printer is able to provide high-quality printouts ranging from different sheet sizes. You can also use it to get the regular black and white printouts while also using it to get beautiful color printouts at a very low cost.

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Full Specifications

Printer TypeINK Tank
Printing Speed15 pages per minute (color), 19 pages per minute (Black and white)
Printer Dimension52.3 x 56.97 x 25.97 cm
Item Weight‎5 kg 530 g
Printing Cost10p for B/W, 20p for Colour
Ideal ForHome and Small Office
Supported OSWindows 7, Window 10, Mac OS
Price8,999 RS on Amazon (Lowest)

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Key Features & Highlights

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Single Function printer is a compact and economical printer for light use at home or small office. This printer is able to offer monochromic as well as color prints at a very low cost while utilizing the high-yield ink bottles. It is one of the best Ink Tank printers to buy in India if your budget is under 10,000 Rs.

Take a look at the key features and highlights of HP Ink Tank 115 that make it stand out among the vast collection of great Ink Tank printers.

HP 115

Compact & Lightweight Design

HP Ink Tank 115 color printer boasts a compact yet stylish design with the dimensions of 523 x 284 x 138.5 mm and weighs only 3.4 KG. You can easily move it around and it won’t take up much space on your table. It also features a cool shade of black which isn’t glossy or matte, but the perfect hue amidst them.

Affordable & Low-Cost Printing

HP Ink Tank 115 is a highly affordable printer as you can get it for only 9,000 INR (or for 8,000 INR or below during sale and offers applied), whereas, other good Ink Tank printers cost around 13,000 to 15,000 INR.

This printer not only comes at a low price but also offers low-cost printing. You only have to spend only 10 paise to get a black and white print and only 20 paise for a color printout. You’ll save a lot of money on printouts while using it.

Easy & Spill-Proof Ink Management

Ink Management is very simple when you are using HP Ink Tank 115 as you can clearly see the ink levels through transparent ink containers and refill them conveniently when the levels are low. There is a spill-proof cap that will save you from any spillage.

You don’t have to frequently keep checking the ink levels either as a single bottle of black ink and three bottles of color ink will give you around 6,000 black and white, and 8,000 color printouts.

Ink Management

Wide Range of Compatible Sheet Sizes

HP Ink Tank 115 is compatible with a wide range of sheet sizes including A4, A6, B5, DL, AS, and many others. You can print all sorts of professional documents as well as personal pages. You do not have to worry about the sheet size incompatibility issue.

This printer even lets you print professional photographs on a glossy sheet with its excellent color printing capabilities.

What are the Drawbacks of the HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer?

There are very few drawbacks of the HP Ink Tank 115 color printer as it is a budget option, so users often end up ignoring them. The only major drawback of the printer is that is a single-function printer only. This means you can only use it for printing pages. You can’t use it to scan documents or copy pages.

Another limitation is that HP Ink Tank 115 offers no wireless connectivity. You’ll have to use it with a USB cable just like you use any other traditional printer. One more negligible issue is that its printing speed is lower as compared to other Ink Tank printers.


However, users with light usage tend to handle it well as they don’t require to get 100-200 printouts in a go. This printer is only ideal for lighter usage.

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Pros and Cons

Take a look at the HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer’s major pros and cons to decide if it is worth buying for you or not:

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Low-cost printing
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Easy ink management
  • Ideal for home use

HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Cons

  • Single-function available only
  • Slow printing speed
  • No wireless connectivity

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Final Verdict: Is HP Ink Tank 115 Color Printer Worth Buying?

HP Ink Tank 115 is one of the most inexpensive printers in India. You can definitely buy it if you are looking for a printer under a tight budget, and you are fine with having only the single function of printing (although it offers both black and white, and color printing). It also lacks the wireless (WiFi) functionality. However, the advantages absolutely outweigh the shortcomings.

We’d recommend going for it for lighter usage at home or office. If you are a heavier user, you will have to extend your budget slightly.

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